A Tropical Winter

Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? When you’re torn between two things that you love equally the same it’s alright to fold (in some instances). Like “cake or ice cream”, “salty or sweet”….”black or brown accessories”. Why must we choose just one? Our case is a bit unique, but all the same. With winter in full effect wilting away the last of color, we just couldn’t part ways with the feeling that we gathered from sunny tropical environments, nor did we want to overshadow the sentiment of warmth and coziness that the winter months bring. Reminiscing upon our recent tropical excursion, the two of us sat perplexed as to how we could possibly embody the feeling we gathered while laying under the palms without sacrificing our tightly clasped hot cocoa moments tucked under our fairy lights and Christmas tree.

It didn’t take long before boredom struck and we took to Instagram to visit a few of our favorite fashion accounts. Nearly an hour later (give or take a few, because who’s counting?) Our thumbs had gotten a phenomenal workout and we finally had a brilliant idea. We’d decided to interlink the two through fashion. Bingo! Coupling chunky cable knit cardigans and turtle necked sweaters with warm peachy colors, hues of blues and greens seemed to be the perfect solution to our little dilemma. We hope that you enjoy this pairing as much as we enjoyed styling it.

Photography by: Jaye&Dri

Turtleneck: Forever21 // Cable knit cardigan: Dezzal


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