From Dark to Light: Living Space Decor

Hi guys! Long time no see! A lot has changed within the past few weeks. Our website has received a facelift, we’ve revamped our brand and we have also given our home a fresh new feel. Because of all of the changes, we wanted to invite you into our home to chat a bit and to check out how we added some casual character to our living space.

After living with dark colored everything for so long, we decided to take a walk on the light side and brighten up our space a bit. If we’re honest, we were actually quite anxious to try something new. Luckily our preferences are quite similar as it relates to furniture so agreeing that we would lighten up the space came easily. However, our idea of which accent pieces are best can sometimes fall on completely different ends of the spectrum, but somehow, we easily agreed┬áthat adding these special pieces from Birdie Boutique would give our space the charm and warmth that we so desired.

Their cotton throw and bistro pillow added much needed contrast to our light furniture. The striped designs effortlessly mended with the other prints in the room and gave us that stylish edge we were looking for.

Cotton Throw – $40.00: Birdie Boutique

Bistro Pillow – $42.00: Birdie Boutique

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