From Dark to Light: Living Space Decor

Hi guys! Long time no see! A lot has changed within the past few weeks. Our website has received a facelift, we’ve revamped our brand and we have also given our home a fresh new feel. Because of all of the changes, we wanted to invite you into our home to chat a bit and to check out how we added some casual character to our living space.

After living with dark colored everything for so long, we decided to take a walk on the light side and brighten up our space a bit. If we’re honest, we were actually quite anxious to try something new. Luckily our preferences are quite similar as it relates to furniture so agreeing that we would lighten up the space came easily. However, our idea of which accent pieces are best can sometimes fall on completely different ends of the spectrum, but somehow, we easily agreed that adding these special pieces from Birdie Boutique would give our space the charm and warmth that we so desired.

Their cotton throw and bistro pillow added much needed contrast to our light furniture. The striped designs effortlessly mended with the other prints in the room and gave us that stylish edge we were looking for.

Cotton Throw – $40.00: Birdie Boutique

Bistro Pillow – $42.00: Birdie Boutique

The Hollywood Hotel: Luxury & Leisure

Hubert de Givenchy once said “Luxury is in each detail.” That is not only certain for great clothing but also for the crème de la crème of hotels. This truth became reality as we explored between the walls of what we would like to consider to be a Hollywood treasure.

Just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of downtown L.A, tucked away in East Hollywood lives The Hollywood Hotel. Its’ contemporary, cosmopolitan, and luxurious atmosphere embodies everything that one would desire when looking for the perfect getaway.

Two of our favorite features were the courtyard and pool area, both beautifully designed for maximum relaxation. As we approached the pool area we were greeted by a host of various tropical plants which set the tone for the oasis inside. Surrounding the swimming pool was a blanket of perfectly manicured green, decorated with some of the most trendy chairs that if captured and posted on Instagram would turn any feed into one that is aesthetically pleasing.

During our stay we spent much of our time in the courtyard, which to our enjoyment was a picturesque Mediterranean retreat. The space was filled with quaint corners occupied by tables for two that were adorned with vibrant succulents. Stretching the rest of the quarter was cozy furniture and a gorgeous bar aligned with customized Hollywood Hotel seating where complimentary drinks and appetizers were served daily. As if that was not enough, lights streamed from the top of the courtyard creating a whole different world as night fell.

On top of all of that, The Hollywood Hotel fulfilled our usual checklist. The staff was kind, the rooms were cozy, and the complimentary breakfast was one to remember. Needless to say, we greatly enjoyed our stay. We’ll see you soon!


Jaye & Dri