How To Take Boss Travel Photos

You don’t have to have thousands of dollars worth of photography equipment to nail great travel blog photos, all you need is a beautiful location, a cell phone, or a camera, and an idea of the kind of photos you’d like to capture. It is beneficial to keep in mind people, places, & things. Remembering this will aide you in rendering a variety of alluring travel photography that you will want to share with everyone.

One way in which we love to achieve interesting photos is by experimenting with different perspectives. Overhead and aerial views are some of our favorites. Although these can be difficult to render without a drone, do not be discouraged if you do not have one. It is very possible to still get great photos from above. Find a safe high point and go for it! Many hotels and restaurants have rooftop lounges which are perfect places for taking ideal overhead shots.

Additional pro tips:
•Get closer to your subject
•Keep lighting in mind
•Consider the time of day
•fill in the frame of your photo
•move around
•take advantage of zoom
•plan what you want to capture


Photography by: Jaye&Dri